Polymap EU

The PolyMAP project: objectives and aCtivities

The main objective of PolyMAP

is to strengthen the position of Europe as the leading force in organic and large area electronics (OLAE) worldwide by organizing an ERA-NET Plus to promote the collaboration and integration of the national research communities in organic and large area electronics (OLAE) throughout the ERA (European Research Area), and thus overcome the fragmentation of research along national or regional lines. This prime objective is complemented and served by three operational objectives:
Mapping public funding in OLAE and setting up an ERA-NET Plus (WP1)

Following to an analysis of public funding in national and regional programmes throughout Europe, we will culminate in setting up an ERA-NET Plus of OLAE. The PolyMAP project finished the funding research beginning of 2011. A full report of the mapping of funding is available upon request by email. For more background information, go to the oe-a-wiki.org website .

Open-site OLAE database creation (WP2)

“Open-site” approach, such as in “wikipedia”, for interactively gathering information and compiling an information source regarding the history and state-of-the-art of materials, devices and processes in organic electronics. The database will be a collection of Terms & Definitions (Dictionary/Encyclopedia), Measurement protocols (moving towards Standardization), State-of-the-art facts & figures en History of performance. The database can be used to support roadmapping activities by offering historical data enabling forecasts based on this, leading to an interactive roadmap. Visit the information database